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ATB Renewables

News, Small Hydro, Wind Power 29 March 2019 323

As part of a general reorganisation of the Group to which it belongs, Hydro Energia becomes the new green division of ATB Group, incorporating skills acquired in the small hydro and small wind sectors.

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Africa 2019

Events, Hydropower, Small Hydro 28 March 2019 315

ATB Riva Calzoni will be in Namibia to take part in the main African event dedicated to the hydroelectric market.

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Energy Expo 2019 Energy Expo 2019 ATB Riva Calzoni Colombia - ATB Riva Calzoni Italy - ATB Riva Calzoni Rinnovabili - Events - Hydropower - News - Small Hydro - Wind Power Facebook Twitter Google+

Energy Expo 2019

Events, Hydropower, News, Small Hydro, Wind Power 19 March 2019 133

ATB Riva Calzoni will participate in the 9th edition of the fair in Perú

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Alto Maipo Project Alto Maipo Project ATB Riva Calzoni Italy - Hydropower - News Facebook Twitter Google+

Alto Maipo Project

Hydropower, News 15 March 2019 328

ATB Riva Calzoni is continuing the assembly operations at the Chilean plant in full respect of the times dictated by the customer.

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