Reactors shipped for SK Energy

Reactors shipped for SK Energy Reactors shipped for SK Energy Zoom

The four pressure vessels were shipped boarded in 24 hours to the port of Marghera: within a month they will be delivered to the refinery of Ulsan, in South Korea.

Four pressure vessels boarded in 24 hours. ATB Riva Calzoni successfully completes the project carried out for the South Korean company SK Energy, started at the end of 2017. In recent days, the four VRDS hydrotreating reactors have been loaded on board the Biglift Happy Star, the ship that will accompany them from Marghera to their destination. 

Within a month, they will be delivered to the Ulsan refinery capable of producing 40,000 barrels of oil per day with high standards of fuel quality and low sulphur content. The movement of the equipment in the port area was completed by ATB making the most of the strategic position of the Marghera plant and the skills of the workers. 

The technical and sales departments of the Heavy Equipment division are very satisfied with the positive outcome of the order. "We have done our part in an important project for South Korea and for the entire Asian market", explains Riccardo Rossi, project manager of ATB's Heavy Equipment Division.

In addition, emphasizes Francesco Squaratti, Sales and Business Development Director of ATB's Heavy Equipment Division, "we have worked for a Korean EPC contractor on a Korean project, doubly strengthening our presence and references in that area.